General Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions herein determine the rules of access to the website and the terms and conditions of use that the user acknowledges to accept without reserve, by the act of connecting to the website.

Editor of the website

The SJSC WIZZVET is a Simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 40 000 euros, whose head office is located in STRASBOURG 67000 – 4 Rue Boussingault. It is registered to the list of company registers of STRASBOURG under the number 793 230 616.

«WIZZVET» is a platform which connects professionals, and provides a medium for telecommunication. WIZZVET manages this platform in the capacity of introducing broker . Its purpose is to enable exchange between members seeking to provide online services, and members seeking these services. WIZZVET is, as a result, a technical intermediary.

Users and those providing expert advice will be considered participants to the platform.

This contractual document hereby aims to define the rights and obligations of the participants using the platform «WIZZVET» as well as to define the role and responsibilities incurred by the Simplified joint-stock company WIZZVET within the administration of the platform.

In the event that one or more of the terms and conditions stipulated in this contract should become invalid, all other terms and conditions will remain unaffected.

By registering on WIZZVET, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of use described herein. You are declaring that you have acknowledged and approved them.

These Terms and Conditions and any document expressly referred to within, represents an indivisible contract that binds WIZZVET and the user regardless of any other existing contract, and replaces any agreement, understanding or previous arrangement, verbal or written.

A. Objective

1. Agreement to the terms and conditions for use:

Welcome to WIZZVET (service or website)

By clicking on the «I agree» option, you agree to respect and be bound by the terms and conditions herein, the confidentiality policy, the quality of experts charter, the annex documents (if applicable), as well as all rules, policies and warnings of the website. (Collectively known as the «conditions»)

If you do not agree with all of the clauses, please do not use the website. Please read all conditions before using the website.

By requesting a service from our website, you guarantee to be a qualified veterinarian and that you are part of the professional order of your country/province, or region that oversees the practice of veterinary medicine where you practice.

2. Definitions

The terms and conditions herein refer to the three legal entities defined below:

The participant or user: Any veterinarian or student owning an account registered with their real name and possessing confidential and personalized codes.

The expert consultant: Any experienced veterinarian acknowledged by the platform on the basis of their professional experience or diplomas issued by the European or American college, or a national diploma that awards them the title of specialist in the country where they practice.

Service: Service provided by the platform’s expert consultant upon request from, and to the benefit of the user.

Tools: Technical and human means employed by the participants on the platform.

3.Electronic communication and right to modify the conditions:

WIZZVET reserves the right to modify the end-user license agreement at any time so as to update the tools used within the platform.

Please note that the platform WIZZVET holds intellectual property rights and that by no means can users use the content of the website, such as photographs, images, or comments, for the purpose of public broadcast. Any public diffusion of this content must be accompanied by preliminary written authorization from WIZZVET ( ) and the author them self.

WIZZVET communicates by e-mail or by publishing comments on this website. You accept that any agreement, opinion, or information will be communicated by electronic message when you visit WIZZVET or write us an e-mail.

You agree to provide us with a WIZZVET user profile, and maintain it up to date.

B. The Website

1. Third party content

WIZZVET is a site with informational (and educational) purposes that allows users to ask questions and expert consultants to respond.

The expert consultants are not WIZZVET employees.

WIZZVET is not involved in conversations between users and expert consultants.

WIZZVET is not responsible for actions, content, or omissions from expert consultants, nor for their messages, their choice to respond to questions, or the capability of users to pay to receive answers.

2. Publication of content

Comments and solutions provided to clinical cases will be published without possibility to identify the animal. The user will have the choice of whether or not to associate their identity to the publication of a clinical case or to their question.

The consultation services may be provided in French, or in the language agreed upon between yourself, the user, and us, the service provider. The language used for the contract will be one of the languages included in the agreement.

WIZZVET is not responsible for the content of websites or links posted by the participants.

In no case can WIZZVET be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, or any sort of damage resulting from the use of any of these internet links.

The website is an innovative, online platform for collaboration. The information and documents submitted within the content of your questions, answers, requests for information, profiles, signatures, qualifications, comments and messages on the platform where users communicate are not private or confidential between members of the platform. For example, search engines may index your questions, answers or other publications to allow them to appear on WIZZVET’s search engine. In order to better protect your privacy, you can choose not to reveal your identity when asking questions. In this case, your identity will be indicated as «WIZZVET».

3. Verification of the quality of the expert consultant

Any expert consultant on the website has been awarded a diploma from the «European Board of Veterinary Specialization» or is recognized in the profession as « specialist ».

Details regarding the identification information verified for each expert consultant are available on the expert consultant charter . Any other information provided by the expert consultants is not verified by WIZZVET.

The use of the term « expert consultant » by WIZZVET is only intended to describe the participants that respond to the questions on the website, and represent a high level of expertise.

In no case can WIZZVET be held responsible for the content of the information given by the expert consultant, for a loss of earnings, or even for a loss of luck.

4. Information on the services provided

Users are responsible for the resolution of their cases and the treatment of their patients. The recommendations given should be adapted to each individual case. The dosage of drugs must always be verified before administration or prescription.

Responses from expert consultants on WIZZVET must be considered by users as information to aid in creating a diagnosis, and not as a diagnosis in itself.

Before you can benefit from the advice of an expert consultant, it is mandatory to accept the terms and conditions of use and of sales herein.

5. Website features access limitations

Users registered as veterinary students can only access free website features, except if they subscribed to a plan. In this case, they can access to all the website features. However, the registration doesn't allow them to access the medical advice exchange service with veterinary specialists. This service is restricted to graduate veterinarians only, who are authorized to work as a professional in the country where they practice.

C. User accounts

1. User accounts: suspension or termination of the service

a. Setting up a personal account

Setting up an account and access to the network are free of charge.

Under reservation of the particular conditions applicable, the expert consultants, students and professionals meeting the following conditions can register as participants.

Veterinary students:

Those who possess a valid student I.D. card and are in their last two years of their university degree are considered as veterinary students.


Those considered as professionals:

  • Generalist veterinarians
  • Specialist veterinarians
  • Medical practitioners specialized in an animal care ( physical therapist, physiotherapist, , homeopathy, osteopath…)

Activities corresponding to the professional title should be carried out according to the conditions provided by French law and European regulations. Each professional must have a VAT number.

Preliminary registration is mandatory before use of WIZZVET by the participant. The participant must proceed to the creation of a personal account by filling an online form.

Under the given provisions, the participant acknowledges that by providing any wrong, incomplete, false or outdated information during registration on WIZZVET, they may be held liable towards both other participants, and WIZZVET. The participant may choose which information will be visible on WIZZVET, with the exception of compulsory fields.

The participant commits to maintaining their profile up to date.

In the event that wrong or misleading information has been provided, WIZZVET reserves the right to delete or suspend a private account until the data is corrected by the participant.

b. Assignment of user identification and confidential access codes:

WIZZVET allows the creation of a personal account and provides the confidential access codes and corresponding user identification after verification and validation of the participant’s information.

The user identification is composed of the participant’s e-mail address, first name, and surname of the participant. The confidential access codes correspond to a password composed of numbers and letters that the participant can change at a later stage in accordance with the established conditions in the section «Conditions of confidential access codes».

The access codes are strictly personal and confidential. It is up to the participant to take the suitable measures to prevent a third person from accessing this data.

The participant commits to not communicate this information to a third party, and is the only one responsible for their safeguard and use. The participant will be held responsible for actions and consequences of any person using their confidential codes and personal area on the platform. As a result, WIZZVET will not be held responsible, unless it is proven that the codes have been obtained due to an error on the part of the WIZZVET website.

WIZZVET reserves the right to request that any participant entirely or partially change their confidential codes when deemed necessary for technical purposes or for the security of the platform. The participant must comply with the request.

Any act or service offered by a participant will be recorded on the platform and will be identifiable by their confidential codes.

c. Modification of the confidential access codes:

For the security of the personal area, the participant commits to modify their personal codes when it is felt that the confidentiality of the codes has been compromised or that a non-authorized person has had or is likely to have access to their confidential codes.

During the modification of confidential codes, WIZZVET will automatically record the modifications, and the new confidential codes will replace the former codes.

For additional security, participants are advised to inform WIZZVET if there has been possibility of malicious activity by a third party (piracy, virus…).

d. Published content lawfullness

By accepting the terms and conditions herein, you agree that the content that you will publish on the website:

  • Is not fraudulent, inaccurate or misleading.
  • Is not an infringement of ownership rights, advertising rights or confidentiality rights of another person.
  • Is not illegal or does not violate the effective regulations.
  • Is not defamatory, obscene or explicit pornographic content.
  • Does not contain any Virus, Trojan horse or any other programming routine that could damage, interfere in a detrimental way, covertly intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information.
  • Does not challenge the authority of WIZZVET or cause WIZZVET to loose (entirely or partially) the services of the internet provider or any other provider.

Please be reminded that you cannot sell or use content from WIZZVET for commercial purposes without the preliminary written consent from WIZZVET.

It is forbidden to solicit users of this website for commercial purposes, including expert consultants (this includes inviting other users to contact you outside of the website or inviting users to use a competitor website of WIZZVET).

In the event that the terms and conditions are not respected, WIZZVET reserves the right at any time to suspend, or even entirely or partially delete the litigious account or take any measure necessary for the proper functioning of the platform.

e. Subscription cancelling

You can cancel your personal account at any time with a written notification by e-mail to

The cancelation of the request will take place within 15 days after reception of the request. The cancellation fees will be payable in accordance with the herein conditions.

f. Personal data of participants:

WIZZVET is committed to protecting the private lives and personal information of the participants of the platform. This section hereby explains the procedure by which WIZZVET collects nominative information of participants and describes the terms and conditions of the use of personal data by WIZZVET.
f-1. The use of personal data

WIZZVET is responsible for collecting and processing the personal data submitted by the participants during their registration.

The personal data are defined as the data corresponding to the author’s identity and is composed of the name, electronic address, mailing address, phone number and cellphone number etc.. This data constitutes the means of identification of a participant and enables the relation between the participant and the platform.

The information collected is processed electronically in order to improve the management of the platform’ s content, and to limit access only to qualified persons.

The recipients of the data are the participants and partners of WIZZVET.

If legitimate motives are presented, you can also refuse processing of your personal data.

WIZZVET is bound to process all data in accordance with loyalty and confidentiality principles, and with the law ofJanuary 6 th 1978, modified August 6 th 2004, regarding the protection of physical persons and the processing of personal information.

This personal data will be used by WIZZVET to put participants into contact, and to carry out transactions.

They can be released by WIZZVET upon judicial requisition from administrative, judiciary or police authorities.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the participants agree that their personal data may be communicated to WIZZVET partners.

If participants do not wish for information to be communicated to partners, it is their responsibility to inform WIZZVET at the following e-mail address:

f-2. Rectification of data

According to the law regarding «computer science and freedom» from January 6 th 1978 modified in 2004, you reserve the right to access and correct information about yourself, and can exercise this right by writing to contact

g. Payment data

Transactions made on the platform through the secure payment service Paypal can only take place upon creation of a personal account.

The payment can be made with a bank card delivered by a bank.

WIZZVET does not record the bank card numbers of the participant.

The security of the transactions will be guaranteed by the presence of the logo

By accepting these terms and conditions, the participant agrees that their relation with WIZZVET will be in accordance with the French law regardless of the country of residence of the participant or the expert consultant and regardless of the territory where the transaction of the corresponding payment takes place.

h. Collection of information

The following information relates to the IP address, cookies or invisible files, among others.

WIZZVET records and stores IP adresses of every action carried out by the participant for the platform’s administrative purposes, and to be able to put an end to, or rectify any potential misuse conducted from a personal account. Processing ofIP addresses is essential for the proper functioning of the platform and for providing tools.

2. Fees and service policy.

The WIZZVET platform enables you to ask questions to expert consultants of any veterinary specialization and facilitates communication with expert consultants via chats, e-mails or online messaging systems. WIZZVET not only allows you to receive answers, but also to access other services on the platform.

Contact procedure:

If a user wishes to receive services from an expert consultant, they must first register and agree to the terms and conditions, of use and for sales, as well as to the conditions of the service provided.

Contact and payment of the transaction:

Each user must select a specialization and pay the requested price for the service. Once the user is aware of the cost of the service, they can accept conditions of the cost. The question is then transmitted to the selected specialization and displayed on WIZZVET.

Upon completing the online application to subscribe to our services, you will receive an e-mail that acknowledges your request. Please note that this does not constitute an approval of your application but merely an acknowledgment of reception showing that your request has been received and confirms your intention to request one of our services. This offer is subject to our approval. As soon as the offer is approved, you will receive a second acceptance e-mail. The contract between you and us will then be created upon reception of this second e-mail which confirms the acceptance. This second e-mail will contain your username and temporary access code to complete your request of services.

The expert consultants generally respond quickly, either to ask users for complementary information before answering, or to provide a direct response.

It is specified that:

When an expert consultant is available and requires complementary information to respond to the question, it is important that the user is available to communicate directly in order to receive a rapid response.

Once you have received a response from an expert consultant, you will be asked to provide your opinion on the usefulness of their answer.

This opinion will be kept personal, anonymous and provided through a point system to ensure discretion.

The request to be put into contact does not constitute an acceptance of the services provided by the expert consultant.

The payment for the service will take effect only once the expert consultant has accepted to provide the service.

If the requestor deems that the attendance to their request in a specific specialization is too slow, they can withdraw their request without any financial penalty.

If there is delay in attendance to the request on the part of an expert consultant, the user can also withdraw their request and offer it to other expert consultants.

This right to withdraw can only be applied if the request is not at the time being processed by an expert consultant of the platform.

Upon commencement of processing, the service is considered as being carried out, and cannot be subject of withdrawal on the part of the user.

As a veterinarian you can choose between two payment models: the «pay for each question» model (1) or the subscription model (2).

WIZZVET does not guarantee that you will receive a response from an expert consultant or that you will be satisfied with your communication with them.

WIZZVET takes user satisfaction very seriously. Therefore, any suggestion or complaint can be sent to WIZZVET by e-mail to:

3. Reception of special offers and other

By accepting these conditions, you accept to receive special offers and other communication from WIZZVET in accordance with the terms of the confidentiality policy.

D. Judicial declarations:

1. Discharge/regulation of disputes between participants

WIZZVET does not take part in the relationship between the expert consultant and the user.

Users cannot appeal to WIZZVET for any material and/or immaterial damages, consecutive or not, incurred by a user or by a third party resulting from an error in diagnosis or in council.

Any litigious dispute will be settled through amicable means by the two parties. Whichever the nature of the complaint, question, or demand, it can only be addressed to the expert consultant concerned, whom is insured accordingly, and not to WIZZVET.

In the event that an amicable solution should fail, WIZZVET should be informed through its customer service at: . WIZZVET will then intervene to attempt to achieve an amicable resolution between the participants.

The users are responsible for their actions and/or omissions and of the content posted on the website.

If there is a conflict between the oral or written content of an expert consultant of WIZZVET and the conditions, the conditions herein will prevail.

If any of the regulations of the terms and conditions is regarded by the competent jurisdiction as contrary to the law, it shall be ruled as invalid but all other regulations will remain effective.

WIZZVET does not assume any responsibility in the case of disagreement between an expert consultant and a user.

2. Intellectual property rights

All participants commit to respect the data put forward by other participants. It is forbidden to violate the security of the platforms by any means, to hack it, or to introduce viruses.

WIZZVET is not responsible for the content of websites or links posted by the participant.

In no case can WIZZVET be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage or any other damage resulting from the use of these internet links.

The user commits to inform WIZZVET upon discovery of such links in order for WIZZVET to duly remove them.

Regarding software protection, WIZZVET considers itself owner of all rights concerning its software, in accordance with the code of intellectual property. WIZZVET owns copyrights on the images and content, and a monopoly on the use of the software.

WIZZVET does not allow the use of images, content, text, software, musical material, sounds, photographs, videos, graphics or any other content from advertizements, publicity for sponsors, or distributed e-mails to be put online for all intents and purposes or made available in publications, on other sites without preliminary written consent. In order for this to take place, WIZZVET must also have permission from the copyright owner.

The WIZZVET brand and logo are subject to intellectual property rights according to the National Institute for Intellectual Property.

Any act of forgery, or attempt at forgery will be suppressed according to provisions of the penal code.

In the same regard, you cannot modify, break up, decompile, disassemble, or try to derive the source code of the WIZZVET website, or help any other person or entity to do so, modify, copy, reproduce, publish, download, post, transmit or distribute in any way the content available through the service, including the code and the software for commercial purposes.

Finally, you accept that the messages on the website, videos, photos, ideas, comments and testimonies that you submit on WIZZVET, including the WIZZVET pages on, , or are not considered as confidential and may be used by WIZZVET to its own discretion, without any financial or other compensation for their use.

3. Relationship with the users

a) Setup of a personal account:

Registration on WIZZVET is free. Each user will have to complete a registration form by filling in the required fields.

b) Processing of personal data:

The user acknowledges that the information they provide on the platform are under submitted under their own responsibility.

c) Obligations of the user

The user commits to participate on the platform with good intentions and with the purpose of receiving the service(s) of an expert consultant. They must not submit any insulting or discriminatory comment regarding the private or professional life of any participant, and must not post any discriminatory or pornographic images or photography.

Any dispute about the quality or the conformity of the services received must be processed according to the terms stipulated in section IV of the document herein.

It is forbidden for the user, using the platform and expert consultants as intermediaries, to obtain illicit services that do not fall under the scope of the present provisions.

The user agrees to respect the legal and regulatory provisions as well as any other condition of the document herein.

They must pay the transaction according to the payment mode mentioned in section III of the document herein.

It is the user’s responsibility to judge the accuracy, entirety and the utility of any advice provided by an expert consultant.

4. Collection of information

The below information concerns, among others, the IP addresses, cookies and invisible files.

WIZZVET records and stores IP addresses of every action carried out by the participant for the platform’s administrative purposes, and to be able to put an end to, or rectify any potential misuse conducted from a personal account.

Processing of IP addresses is essential for the proper functioning of the platform and for providing tools.

WIZZVET ensures the record and the storage of IP addresses and of every action of the participant for platform administration and out of responsibility, so as to put an end to or remedy eventual abuse committed from a personal account.

The IP address handling is indispensable for the platform to work and to provide tools.

Complementary examinations and other documents communicated by the user to the expert consultant will be recorded for one month, except for documents attached in the report.

WIZZVET does not control the information provided by the users which may be shocking, harmful, wrong, or misleading.

By accepting the conditions hereof, you agree that WIZZVET will not be held responsible for the suppression or the failure to store the content of this information.

5. Responsibility and sanctions:

In the event that the end-user license agreement is not respected, WIZZVET reserves the right to suspend, or delete the litigious account, or take any measures necessary for the proper functioning of the platform.

These first measure will consist of a warning. If the offence is repeated, WIZZVET can suspend the personal account or in severe cases, remove it.

WIZZVET will not be held responsible for any potential dispute between an expert consultant and a user.

In no case can WIZZVET be held responsible for the content of the information given by the expert consultant, for a loss of earnings, or even for a loss of luck.

WIZZVET’s responsibility will be limited to the proper development of the platform, namely by providing tools enabling contact between participants, through its function as an intermediary, as well as through its obligation to ensure the security of personal data.

All consultants that provide services through our website have attested that they are part of the professional order of their region that oversees the practice of veterinary medicine where they practice, and that they are covered by a professional liability insurance.

WIZZVET endeavors to ensure the proper functioning of the service, but cannot be held responsible for a temporary problem of access to the service or any technical failure (such as one that would case delay in receiving responses…)

Technical difficulties or maintenance operations may be causes for temporary shutdown of the system.

In the event that WIZZVET intends to cease its services, a period of 30 days before the shutdown of WIZZVET will be communicated, in order for participants to obtain needed information.