Testimonials from our community

Congratulations and thank you for these conferences that allow a solo veterinarian like me to train without moving thanks to specialists who have graduated from a European or American college, or DESV or well-known referees in their disciplines, and in various fields.
Dr. Sylvie RIOCHE
I'm so happy to have signed up with Wizzvet. I appreciate the quality of conferences and the variety of subjects addressed. In addition, the follow-up on cases is excellent.
Dr. Bernard THOMAS
Excellent conference! The advisor is worthwhile for sure: clear, enthusiastic, and very competent! Thank you for enabling us to see it.
Dr. Marie-José MAITRE
It makes me want to forever continue with my training!
Dr. Florence GUNTHER
Really very interesting! Thank you for this wonderful conference, can't wait for the next one.
Dr. Marc LEYS
Perfect duration, a theoretical part present but not too hard :) and a lot of time for the final questions: it's great !! THANK YOU !
As a beginner in this field, it was perfect for me! It makes me want to go for it which is something I didn't dare until now…
Dr. Magali MOREAUX
Concise (it didn't take a lot of our time which is already often limited) clear, professional, bravo!
Concrete examples which all us to quickly apply the concepts.
Dr. Alexandra MARGEZ
Very practical and straight to the point with tips that are directly applicable!