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Wizzvet brings together nearly one hundred veterinary referents with diplomas from European or American colleges, DESV or well-known in their disciplines to achieve the goal of enabling veterinarians to save time while developing their skills and their networks.

  • Receive training in 15 minutes by using webconferences ?
  • Resolve a complex clinical case in less than 24 hours with the assistance of an advisor ?

With Wizzvet, you can make it happen!

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Tele-expertise made by vets for vets

Tele-expertise made
by vets for vets

You are no longer alone behind your stethoscope

I have a problem 1 I have doubts with an x-ray or the next complementary exam and the customer doesn't want to refer.
I ask my question on WIZZVET 2 In 3 minutes, I submit my case to the referents and I include my x-rays, my analysis, my videos, etc.
An referent responds 3 A referent responds in less than 24h, in 80% of cases
The problem is solved 4 The problem is solved and I've saved time, developed skills, and improved the satisfaction of my customers.

A wide range of online training courses

Because learning is essential in a constantly evolving profession, WIZZVET offers you a huge and, most importantly, up-to-date range of webconferences with 3 to 4 new live webconferences each week.

You missed a live ? Don't worry ! We record all of them and all the training courses are available in replay a few days later.

As a veterinary training organization that is recognized by the Order of veterinarians in France, Belgium, and Canada, all of our training courses can award you points towards your continuing education.

Don't miss our upcoming live webconferences!

Friday 20 September 2024
14h00 (Time zone Paris)
Duration : 15 min + 15 min MCQ / exchange
Geriatric medicine Anesthesiology and analgesia
Friday 18 October 2024
13h30 (Time zone Paris)
Duration : 15 min + 15 min MCQ / exchange
Friday 25 October 2024
14h00 (Time zone Paris)
Duration : 15 min + 15 min MCQ / exchange
Anesthesiology and analgesia

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Dr. Dick WHITE
Dipl. ECVS
Video time : 39 min + MCQ
Nephrology/Urology Soft tissue surgery
Teaching goals
  • Understand and distinguish prostate disorders in dogs such as hyperplasia, prostatitis, cysts, and tumors.
  • Perform their diagnosis.
  • Implement their treatment, including omentalization.
Teaching goals
  • Understand and describe the qualities of a heart murmur
  • Understand and give prognostic value to common heart murmur findings in dogs
  • Interpret the importance of an auscultation anomaly in cats
Teaching goals
  • The aim of this conference is to become familiar with the most typical presentation of neuromuscular disease in the dog.

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200 veterinary referents at your service

We carefully choose our veterinary referents, we work only with veterinary referents with diplomas from European or American colleges, DESV, former residents or well-known in their disciplines. A guarantee for you to have the best advices.

They instruct you on your complex clinical cases and enable you to benefit from their knowledge on real life cases that are relevant to your practice.

Here are 8 of our 200 referents among


Your advantages with WIZZVET

You save time You save time
  • By bringing into your practice a team of 100 referents, all graduates from Colleges/DESV , you save time by obtaining relevant responses to your complex clinical cases (between 30 minutes and 24 hours).
  • Thanks to WIZZVET and its tool for submitting your cases, you submit the necessary information and send in just a few clicks. You can then carry on with your work while waiting for a reply.
  • Thanks to our webconference trainings, you can receive training without having to travel, and can do so when and where you want in just a short time.
You develop your skills You develop your skills
  • When you exchange with our referents on your clinical cases:
    • you are sure to receive the right answer
    • you are reassured in the treatment provided
    • you build on your skills : once a question is submitted, it never needs to be resubmitted
  • Follow the latest breakthroughs in veterinary medicine thanks to conferences online. Two to three new subjects are introduced each week. Each training you follow can give you points towards your continuous education.
  • Access our knowledge bank consisting of hundreds of real cases including responses from referents. They may not all be theoritically perfect cases, but they reflect the reality of our job.
You earn the loyalty of your clients You earn the loyalty of your clients
  • Using WIZZVET is not admitting weakness but rather a willingness to find the best treatment for animals. You simply cannot know everything about every subject, and this is perfectly normal.
  • By pinpointing and prioritizing which complementary exams to perform, your clients will spend less.
  • By consulting referents you best manage your cases and effectively treat them with more precise diagnosis.
  • By offering excellent quality in the treatment of animals, you gain credibility and confidence from your clients. Pet owners will be forever grateful for having researched the best treatment for their animal.

Testimonials from our community


Congratulations and thank you for these conferences that allow a solo veterinarian like me to train without moving thanks to specialists who have graduated from a European or American college, or DESV or well-known referees in their disciplines, and in various fields.
Dr. Sylvie RIOCHE
I'm so happy to have signed up with Wizzvet. I appreciate the quality of conferences and the variety of subjects addressed. In addition, the follow-up on cases is excellent.
Dr. Bernard THOMAS
Excellent conference! The advisor is worthwhile for sure: clear, enthusiastic, and very competent! Thank you for enabling us to see it.
Dr. Marie-José MAITRE

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Thank you for the fast and precise reply. I'm signing up today hands down!
Dr. Philippe PIERSON
Wizzvet is an important element in our daily practice at our clinic. For one, it allows us to receive training and stay updated very easily thanks to short conferences available by replay or live. In addition, it is most importantly an interface for dialog between veterinarians. It allows us to exchange with specialists who have graduated from a European or American college, or DESV or well-known referents in their disciplines about complex cases and to receive their opinion. This clarifies and provides answers to questions that we might face with this type of clinical case. We've tested it in the clinic and in the end the veterinarian is satisfied, the client is happy, and the patient is cured!
Quality webconferences and the forum enabled me to receive answers from specialized colleages for free and by consulting the community. For sure forums can provide information, but you never know who is responding. Lately I had a question about anesthesiology that I preferred to ask on Wizzvet rather than on a forum since I needed an answer that was more precise than "Well, I do it this way." (...) When we feel lost when faced with a case, this can be really useful. People are free to use whichever tool they want. As for me, I think it's great to have qualified people just a click away.
Dr. Astrid BUNEL

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I graduated ten years ago but the idea for this platform came to me while I was still a student during a final-year internship. At the end of our studies, we are all nervous about cases that we will have to face : will the dog that just arrived die because it has blood in its stools, or is this nothing serious ? What should I think about this x-ray ? Which exam should I order next ? Not to mention all of the technical skills that we need to master...

Still today I admire veterinarians who are confronted with these questions: these are the most self-taught people I know... We all have in the back of our minds the mythical image of Daktari who, despite the passing of time, remains the one that must know how to cure not only dogs, but cats, cows, horses, hamsters, or the giraffe that our client just saw the night before on TV. With the unprecedented progress in medical techniques and treatments made in recent years, it is, however, impossible for a practicioner to be good at everything.

Who has never had that feeling of being alone behind their stethoscope when faced with a clinical case ?

This is the issue that Wizzvet addresses by offering practicioners a vast catalog of online training in the form of short webconferences which are available live or on replay. Wizzvet also connects veterinarians with over 100 specialists who have graduated from a European or American college, or DESV or well-known referents in their disciplines to provide training on these veterinarians' own complex and rare clinical cases by using tele-expertise. The replies provided within 24/48hrs are detailed and precise and assist veterinarians in asking the right questions and judiciously selecting the complementary examinations to perform, thus improving the care and skills provided by the practicioner.

Dr. Dorine Olejnik, Founder and CEO of Wizzvet

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