Testimonials from our community

Thank you for the fast and precise reply. I'm signing up today hands down!
Dr. Philippe PIERSON
Wizzvet is an important element in our daily practice at our clinic. For one, it allows us to receive training and stay updated very easily thanks to short conferences available by replay or live. In addition, it is most importantly an interface for dialog between veterinarians. It allows us to exchange with specialists who have graduated from a European or American college, or DESV or well-known referents in their disciplines about complex cases and to receive their opinion. This clarifies and provides answers to questions that we might face with this type of clinical case. We've tested it in the clinic and in the end the veterinarian is satisfied, the client is happy, and the patient is cured!
Quality webconferences and the forum enabled me to receive answers from specialized colleages for free and by consulting the community. For sure forums can provide information, but you never know who is responding. Lately I had a question about anesthesiology that I preferred to ask on Wizzvet rather than on a forum since I needed an answer that was more precise than "Well, I do it this way." (...) When we feel lost when faced with a case, this can be really useful. People are free to use whichever tool they want. As for me, I think it's great to have qualified people just a click away.