Dr Dorine Olejnik

4 rue Boussingault
67000 Strasbourg France

I graduated ten years ago but the idea for this platform came to me while I was still a student during a final-year internship. At the end of our studies, we are all nervous about cases that we will have to face : will the dog that just arrived die because it has blood in its stools, or is this nothing serious ? What should I think about this x-ray ? Which exam should I order next ? Not to mention all of the technical skills that we need to master...

Still today I admire veterinarians who are confronted with these questions: these are the most self-taught people I know... We all have in the back of our minds the mythical image of Daktari who, despite the passing of time, remains the one that must know how to cure not only dogs, but cats, cows, horses, hamsters, or the giraffe that our client just saw the night before on TV. With the unprecedented progress in medical techniques and treatments made in recent years, it is, however, impossible for a practicioner to be good at everything.

Who has never had that feeling of being alone behind their stethoscope when faced with a clinical case ?

This is the issue that Wizzvet addresses by offering practicioners a vast catalog of online training in the form of short webconferences which are available live or on replay. Wizzvet also connects veterinarians with over 100 specialists who have graduated from a European or American college, or DESV or well-known referents in their disciplines to provide training on these veterinarians' own complex and rare clinical cases by using tele-expertise. The replies provided within 24/48hrs are detailed and precise and assist veterinarians in asking the right questions and judiciously selecting the complementary examinations to perform, thus improving the care and skills provided by the practicioner.

Dr. Dorine Olejnik, Founder and CEO of Wizzvet

Wizzvet brings together nearly one hundred veterinary referents with diplomas from European or American colleges, DESV or well-known in their disciplines to achieve the goal of enabling veterinarians to save time while developing their skills and their networks.

  • Receive training in 15 minutes by using webconferences ?
  • Resolve a complex clinical case in less than 24 hours with the assistance of an advisor ?

With Wizzvet, you can make it happen!

Your guarantees

  • Training organization approved by the Committee for Veterinary Continuing Education (CVTC) since January 2016
  • Trainings that can be supported by OPCAs
  • Ministry of Education and Research Award for Collaborative e-Health Platforms
  • Elected Best 2015 Solution for Health Collaboration by Digital Health Camp
  • Video capture partner of European congresses: ICARE, ECEIM, EVDI...