Wizzvet live veterinarian training courses : Dairy cattle / Internal medicine

You want to improve on a specific point of your job in less than 30 minutes ?

You have the possibility to:

As a veterinary training organization recognized by the French, Belgian and Canadian veterinary orders, each training gives you a minimum of 0.025 Continuing Education Credits (CFC) points in France ( = 0.025 ECTS in Europe) for your professional training. The credits are doubled in case you pass the MCQ (thus 0.05 CFC).You will find all your certificates of attendance and success in your Wizzvet account.

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Monday 08 November 2021 - 14h00 Duration : 15 min + 15 min MCQ / exchange
Monday 08 November 2021 - 14h30 Duration : 15 min + 15 min MCQ / exchange