Familiarisation, habituation and socialisation in kitten

Dr. Emmanuelle TITEUX
Duration : 21 min

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  • How to assess the milestones in behavioural development in kitten
  • How to assess the socialization in kitten
  • How to assess the familiarization in kitten
  • How to assess the habituation in kitten
  • Which recommendations to owners for an optimal socialization, familiarization and habituation in kitten
Dr. Emmanuelle Titeux graduated from the French National University of Alfort and did an internship in surgery at the same school. She completed an extra diploma in equine ethology and graduated from the European College of Behavioural Medicine.

She is a consultant at the University Hospital of Alfort and has been a lecturer in several universities. In 2016 she created the French Society for Ethology.

For almost one year, she has opened the Akéovet practice in clinical ethology, a speciality that deals with the behaviour of domestic animals and new pets in Paris.