AFAST-TFAST : l'échographie en situation d'urgence - Part 1

Dr. Ludivine BOIRON
Duration : 17 min
Ultrasound Emergency and critical care

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  • Définir l'imagerie abdominale
  • Connaître les domaines d'applicatin du POCUS
  • Connaître la technique générale
  • Connaître le protocole POCUS
  • Reconnaître les images anormales et connaîte leur signification
  • Savoir l'appliquer dans la littérature
Dr. Ludivine Boiron graduated from the National Veterinary School in Lyon in 2008. The year after she did a residency in Lyon, followed by 3 years as consultation officer at the Veterinary Emergency Center, still in Lyon. She then worked in Switzerland and France for on-call services.

In 2014, she started a residency specialised in emergency and intensive care at the university of California UC Davis, then started a residency in emergency and intensive care at the university of Pennsylvania.