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  • 60 video modules adapted to the terrain
  • an exchange module with referents to ask your questions

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A wide range of online training courses

Because learning is essential in a constantly evolving profession, WIZZVET NURSE offers you a wide range of online training courses oftenly updated.

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Avant de proposer une ration, comment bien prendre les commémoratifs pour un chien ou un chat ?

Dr. Marianne DIEZ

Friday 17 January - 13h00 Duration : 15 min + 15 min MCQ / exchange

Une salle d’attente sans stress pour chiens et chats

Dr. Emmanuelle TITEUX

Monday 20 January - 13h00 Duration : 15 min + 15 min MCQ / exchange
BehaviorAnimal welfare/Laws
Teaching goals
  • Pouvoir définir ce qu’est le stress ou la peur
  • Connaitre leurs effets sur les autres comportements des chiens et des chats et sur leur bien-être
  • Reconnaître les signes de stress ou de peur
  • Pouvoir y remédier rapidement
  • Proposer préventivement une salle d’attente induisant le moins de stress

Règles à respecter pour diminuer le risque septique : entretien et stérilisation du matériel


Tuesday 21 January - 13h00 Duration : 15 min + 15 min MCQ / exchange
Teaching goals
  • Savoir entretenir le matériel
  • Connaitre les différentes méthodes de stérilisation

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Your advantages with WIZZVET

You save time You save time
  • Thanks to our webconference trainings, you can receive training without having to travel, and can do so when and where you want in just a short time.
  • Thanks to WIZZVET Nurse and its exchange module with referents, you submit the necessary information and send in just a few clicks. You can then carry on with your work while waiting for a reply.
You develop your skills You develop your skills
  • When you exchange with our referents on your concrete issues:
    • You are sure to receive the right answer
    • You are reassured in the treatment provided
    • You build on your skills: once a question is submitted, it never needs to be resubmitted
  • Accessing our Knowledge base, you capitalize on the issues encountered by nurses in other clinics.
You stand out You stand out
Become an indispensable asset for your clinic, thanks to :
  • Your social skills :
    • Customer reception
    • Improvement of the organization
    • Management of difficult customers
    • etc.
  • Your know-how :
    • To assist with consultation
    • To assist with surgery
    • Nutrition
    • etc.

Testimonials from our community

My training is going very well, I am satisfied with the modules. I find it very pleasant and the duration of the modules is also very good. This format is very practical, it allows me to manage my training at my pace and according to the topics that I wish to address. (...) Thank you again for your help.
Miss Virginie MEREL
Very interesting and useful presentation. Rich content. Perfect presentation. Subject made accessible, simple and clear. Thank you.
Miss Fanny ROUX
Very interesting topic, news. Clear conference
Mrs Stéphanie LAFOSSE

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