martes 13 abril 2021 - 14h00 Duración : 15 min plus 15 min QCM / intercambio
Anestesia y analgesia
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  • to be familiar with basic amphibian anatomy and physiology
  • to understand how to induce and monitor amphibian anesthesia safely
  • to know which analgesic drugs are most likely to be effective in amphibians
Dr. Amanda Guthrie is the Senior Veterinary Officer overseeing the clinical program at the ZSL London Zoo, the world's oldest scientific zoo which opened to the public in 1847. The zoo houses 10,000 invertebrate and 10,000 vertebrate animals. Dr. Guthrie oversees the European College of Zoological Medicine residency program at ZSL London Zoo. Dr. Guthrie's past zoo experience includes several zoos in the United States such as the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Zoo Boise in Idaho and the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas. Dr. Guthrie has been the primary author on numerous scientific papers published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Before embarking on her career as a zoo vet, Dr. Guthrie worked for several years as a small animal and exotics practitioner in the United States. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science in 2001 and her Bachelor of Science in Political Science in 2002, graduating cum laude for both from North Carolina State University. Dr. Guthrie earned her DVM degree, with honors in 2006 from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. She attained Diplomate status in the American College of Zoological Medicine in 2014, and Diplomate status in the European College of Zoological Medicine in 2016.