WIZZVET NURSE is the first digital continuing professionel development solution for nurses !

  • 60 video modules adapted to the terrain
  • an exchange module with referents to ask your questions

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A wide range of online training courses

Because learning is essential in a constantly evolving profession, WIZZVET NURSE offers you a wide range of online training courses oftenly updated.

La vente de produits d'hygiène - NIV 1 -

Dr. Florence DESACHY

Video time : 17 min + MCQ
Teaching goals
  • Conseiller le client sur l’intérêt des produits
    d’hygiène spécifique
  • Comprendre le principe de prévention par les soins réguliers
  • Connaitre les produits
  • Connaitre leur utilisation

Les sens du chat - NIV 1 -

Dr. Florence DESACHY

Video time : 12 min + MCQ
Teaching goals
  • Assurer une bonne contention
  • Comprendre l’approche du chat
  • Comprendre ce qu’il perçoit de vous
  • Anticiper ses réactions

L'arthrose du chat : le point de vue du nutritionniste

Dr. Marianne DIEZ

- Dipl. ECVCN
Video time : 15 min + MCQ
Teaching goals
    Le chat arthrosique doit bénéficier d'une thérapie variée incluant l'alimentation. L'objectif du nutritionniste est de cibler 3 points d'attention
  • la gestion du poids corporel
  • la composition alimentaire (et l'opportunité d'utiliser des suppléments nutritionnels)
  • les adaptations à réaliser chez les chats souffrant de façon concomitante d'autres maladies chroniques.

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Your advantages with WIZZVET

You save time You save time
  • Thanks to our webconference trainings, you can recevie training without having to travel, and can do so when and where you want in just a short time.
  • Thanks to WIZZVET and its exchange module with referents, you submit the necessary information and send in just a few clicks. You can then carry on with your work while waiting for a reply.
You develop your skills You develop your skills
  • When you exchange with our referents on your concrete issues:
    you are sure to receive the right answer
    you are reassured in the treatment provided
    you build on your skills:once a question is submitted, it never needs to be resubmitted
  • Accessing our Knowledge base, you capitalize on the issues encountered in other clinics.
You stand out You stand out
  • Become an indispensable asset for your clinic, thanks to :
  • Your social skills :
    Customer reception
    Improvement of the organization
    Management of difficult customers
  • Your know-how :
    To assist with consultation.o assist with surgery

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