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A wide range of online training courses

Because learning is essential in a constantly evolving profession, WIZZVET offers you a huge and, most importantly, up-to-date range of webconferences with 2 to 3 new online courses each week granting you continuing education points.

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Dr. Frédérique BERNAERTS

Dr. Frédérique BERNAERTS

Internal medicine


Hyperthyroïdie du chat

Monday 30 May - 13h00
Duration: 15 min
+ 15 min of MCQ and exchange

Objectifs pédagogiques
    L'hyperthyroïdie chez le chat est la pathologie endocrinienne la plus courante dans cette espèce. Elle induit des troubles multiples et peut se traiter de multiples façons.
  • Quand suspecter une hyperthyroïdie chez le chat ?
  • Quels moyens diagnostiques ?
  • Quels traitements ? Médicamenteux ? Chirurgicaux ? Radioactifs ? Alimentaires ?
  • Hyperthyroïdie et insuffisance rénale : un équilibre précaire


Laboratory analysis


La CIVD (coagulation intravasculaire disséminée)

Friday 03 June - 13h00
Duration: 15 min
+ 15 min of MCQ and exchange

Objectifs pédagogiques
  • La reconnaître (critères diagnostiques)
  • La suivre
  • Les situations prédisposantes


Nephrology/Urology, Soft tissue surgery

Dipl. DESV

By-pass urétéral (1/2)

Monday 06 June - 13h00
Duration: 30 min
+ 15 min of MCQ and exchange

Dr. Stéphane BUREAU

Dr. Stéphane BUREAU


Dipl. ECVS et DESV

La paralysie laryngée

Tuesday 07 June - 13h00
Duration: 15 min
+ 15 min of MCQ and exchange

Objectifs pédagogiques
  • Reconnaître l’affection
  • Souligner les éléments diagnostiques
  • Illustrer la technique opératoire et prédire les complications potentielles

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Your advantages with WIZZVET

You save time You save time
  • By bringing into your practice a team of 90 experts, all graduates from Colleges/DESV , you save time by obtaining relevant responses to your complex clinical cases (between 30 minutes and 24 hours).
  • Thanks to WIZZVET and its tool for submitting your cases, you submit the necessary information and send in just a few clicks. You can then carry on with your work while waiting for a reply.
  • Thanks to our webconference trainings, you can recevie training without having to travel, and can do so when and where you want in just a short time.
You develop your skills You develop your skills
  • When you exchange with our experts on your clinical cases:
    you are sure to receive the right answer
    you are reassured in the treatment provided
    you build on your skills:once a question is submitted, it never needs to be resubmitted
  • Follow the latest breakthroughs in veterinary medicine thanks to conferences online. Two to three new subjects are introduced each week. Each training you follow can give you points towards your continuous education.
  • Access our knowledge bank consisting of hundreds of real cases including responses from specialists. They may not all be theoritically perfect cases, but they reflect the reality of our job.
You earn the loyalty of your clients You earn the loyalty of your clients
  • Using WIZZVET is not admitting weakness but rather a willingness to find the best treatment for animals. You simply cannot know everything about every subject, and this is perfectly normal.
  • By pinpointing and prioritizing which complementary exams to perform, your clients will spend less.
  • By consulting experts you best manage your cases and effectively treat them with more precise diagnosis.
  • By offering excellent quality in the treatment of animals, you gain credibility and confidence from your clients. Pet owners will be forever grateful for having researched the best treatment for their animal.

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